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For Over 25 Years, We Have Been Protecting Your Children's Rights

Our practice focuses on fast and practical solutions for the whole family.

Call Julie-Elizabeth Kidd, Avocate in Montreal

Child welfare is at the heart of our concerns

Ms. Julie-Elizabeth Kidd has been practicing family law for more than 25 years. Her firm focuses on conciliation, empathy and confidence to find the best solution for your family as a whole. Our experience before the courts, our negotiation skills and our drafting abilities make us a reference in the field of family law. To make an appointment with Julie-Elizabeth Kidd, Avocate in Montreal call 514-844-8585 today.

Child being held by the hand
Father and daughter

Child Custody, Alimony and More

Whether you are going through a divorce, family dispute, adoption process or any other situation requiring the protection of your rights or the rights of a child, our professionals are equipped to help you.


Are you going through a divorce?


Let us help you with child custody, alimony and much more.


Family conciliation


No matter what conflict or dispute your family may be experiencing, we rely on conciliation.


Find a solution


Our professionals will offer you an effective solution for your family’s welfare.

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